Itibo is a humanitarian development project of a healthcare facility under the auspices of the non-governmental humanitarian organization ADRA in the south-western part of Kenya.

The project is focused on providing health care to people from surrounding areas, improving the quality of health care and education of medical staff.

The project’s financing is provided by donations, thanks to which it has already been possible to reconstruct run-down ambulances, laboratories as well as to create new sections such as a dental ambulance, a maternity hospital, an intensive care unit and implement new diagnostic methods like USG and ECG.

On the basis of cooperation with Czech doctors and medical faculties, a large number of doctors and medical students from the Czech Republic are involved. Thanks to this collaboration, about 9,000 patients a year, with various types of injuries, are treated in Itibo, hundreds of children are born in the maternity ward, as well as preventive dental care is provided.

How did it all start?

Imagine it, the summer of 2005 is just beginning. Children are slowly looking forward to their school holidays and it´s more and more talked about poverty in Africa on TV and other media. The world suddenly became aware of the suffering of the people on this continent. Big music concerts around the world are held to support aid, the world’s most powerful statesmen are meeting and discussing debt relief for the most underdeveloped states. Television documentaries and footage of malnourished and dying children (due to tropical diseases) try to show the efforts of some international humanitarian organizations and their provided form of help. And ADRA decided to be one of them.

How does it look in our facility?

Anyone who visits any of the african countries, even as a tourist, has to reckon with deep memories of traveling, nature and contact with local people. It was the same for me.

In 1998, as a tourist, I visited East African Kenya. Since then, I have been convinced that I have to go there again and somehow get involved in humanitarian aid.

I mentioned this idea in one interview with Mgr. Alena Rusova, from the Zlín office of the humanitarian organization ADRA. She responded totally unexpectedly: “Describe the purpose of the trip and propose how ADRA could engage in humanitarian aid in this country and I will present it at a meeting of the ADRA Management Board in Prague.”

And so it happened that ADRA approved our monthly humanitarian trip to Kenya in June 2005 and basically started this project.

We were not able to properly help the children at the beginning of the project, we only handed over stuffed toys from Czech donors. We firmly believed that with your help we would change this and not only get stuffed animals for children, but also deliver medicine that can save their lifes.

Thanks to you – sponsors and every donor, we have been successfully building our healthcare facility for several years, where we treat and cure local patients. Numbers of saved lives can now be counted in thousands.

Thank you for caring.

Text credits: Aleš Bárta

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Overall, thanks to you, we were able to donate CZK 210,050. Thank you.