Even the most successful projects have bumpy beginnings. A lot of people get scared by it easily and they give up, but there are some, that take every challenge as another step of the journey to succeed. When a group of med students decided to organise a charity race in 2015, they knew it will be hard, but the experience and self awarness they gained exceeded every expectation.

Vinohradská Trojka is a charity run, which was created on the basis of efforts to involve TRIMED, the students association of the 3rd medical faculty, in a humanitarian-oriented and publicly beneficial project. The name of the race itself is derived from the distance that runners have to overcome, the number of original founders and most of all, from the name of our alma mater, that was very supportive of our courageous idea.

In its beginnings, the race was just a small event, that wanted to connect students of our faculty with staff of the faculty hospital in a non formal and friendly environment and to support something meaningful meanwhile.

But after the success of the first year, it was clear that the whole project should be developed further and continued in the following years. The overwhelmingly positive response was a huge surprise even for the organisers. Since then, we managed to gather money for the hospital facility ITIBO in Kenya, which was able to buy specialised surgical instruments with our donations. All of that thanks to you, our visitors and runners. Huge thanks also goes to the management of FNKV, SZU and, of course, the 3rd Medical Faculty, because nothing like this could happen without their support.

Based on the experience of the premiere year, the upcoming years are also accompanied by a rich program and our team works hard on many new improvements every year, to make this event unforgettable.

But what about this year?

Vinohradská Trojka is no longer a race for a small group of students and teachers. The very idea of ​​running in such an atypical environment, together with the values ​​of the whole event, is reaching the ever-increasing spectrum of all people that are interested. Now, we are ready to present the newest improvements and informations. We want to open the race to the general public and welcome everyone who either wants to run or just spend a nice afternoon with us. The accompanying program will include a traditional barbecue, music accompaniment, first aid training, improved activities for children and…. We don’t want to reveal everything just yet! Make a note in your calendars to come and race with us in an unconventional place and support a good cause!

We look forward to see you on May 21st!


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