What is EMOTER?

EMOTER is a non-profit organization that brings medical care to Uganda. We are a team of doctors and other enthusiasts from the Czech Republic and Uganda, who together help to improve the standard of living and access to health care for people who have experienced less happiness in life.

EMOTER stands for Essential Medical Outreach and Treatment Rescue. The main tasks of our work are medical missions (Medical Outreach). The resulting acronym “emoter” also means “one who expresses emotions.”

EMOTER was founded by three medical students. Now lead by director MUDr. Lenka Karahutová, the whole team is made up of a majority of women and we are very proud of that.

Where does EMOTER operate?

Although we are based in Prague in the Czech Republic, we operate our activities mainly in Uganda, specifically in the Nebbi district, where they travel with the Medical Outreach project.

The Nebbi District was chosen because it has more than 350,000 inhabitants and only 2 hospitals.

What is EMOTER’s vision?

The aim of our work is to improve the quality of life of local people in the long term through education and basic needs such as medical care. “In Nebbi, we plan to build our own hospital and medical school in the future. With sufficient education and awareness of prevention, we believe that our help will no longer be needed in Nebbi County.”

For more information and an overview of the programs they focus on, visit emoter.org. The organization can also be supported by purchasing, for example, coffee or direct vouchers for health care directly on their e-shop.