About the race

The most successful projects have hard beginnings. Although they discourage many people from continuing, there are also those who take every imaginary step on the way to the goal as a challenge and try everything to succeed in tough competition. When a group of students from the 3rd Faculty of Medicine at Charles University in Prague decided to organize a charity run in the area of the Královské Vinohrady faculty hospital in 2015, they knew that a lot of unexpected obstacles awaited them, but they didn’t give up and unexpectedly got a chance to challenge themselves.

Vinohradská Trojka is a charity run, which was created on the basis of students’ efforts to involve the TRIMED faculty association in a humanitarian-oriented and public benefit project. The name of the race itself is derived from the distance that runners have to run, the number of founding members and especially the name of our alma mater, who was not afraid to support the bold idea.

In its beginnings, the whole event took place in a relatively intimate spirit and was focused mainly on students and faculty staff, along with staff from the nearby FNKV campus. The primary goal was, in addition to the purpose of charity, also to provide students and employees of the mentioned institutions with the opportunity to meet in an informal, sports-oriented environment, which will enable the deletion of the normally respected academic hierarchy.

However, after the success of the first year, it was clear that the whole project has a huge potential for further growth and it will be possible to significantly multiply the impact of the whole project in the future. The response to the first year was positive to the extent that it surprised the organizers themselves. Based on the experience from the premiere, a rich accompanying program was added to the upcoming year, and the route itself did not miss any improvements, so it was possible to move the 2nd year even further. After all, only the collected amount of CZK 62,491, which went to the non-profit organization ADRA for the operation of a community hospital in ITIBO in Kenya, was almost threefold and the surgical equipment purchased for this money has already helped countless patients. A huge thank you goes to the management of FNKV, SZÚ and of course the 3rd Faculty of Medicine, without their friendly approach, the whole event would hardly get to where it is now.

But what about this year?

Vinohradská Trojka is no longer a race for a small group of students and teachers. The very idea of ​​running in such an atypical environment, together with the values ​​of the whole event, appeals to a broader spectrum of viewers and participants. This year, already the 7th year, is unique for us, as it takes place three years after the last race. Due to the epidemiological situation, we did not have the opportunity to meet and enjoy a pleasant afternoon together, so we joined at least online and tried to make the long quarantine days more bearable. We are very happy that after such a long time we can organize the race again, not only for doctors and students, but also for the general public. The accompanying program will include traditional barbecue along with a physiotherapist’s services, children zone and …. we don’t want to reveal everything! However, what we can reveal is that this year’s proceeds will go to EMOTER, an organisation which operates and provides medical help in the Nebbi district of Uganda. So mark 19 May 2022 in your calendars, come and race with us in an unconventional place and support a good cause!